NOTICE: This panel contains some detailed email settings and is meant for advanced users only. It is recommended that the email filtering page within the cPanel control panel is used instead to prevent any problems caused by incorrect settings.

In order to use this system it is essential that you understand what spam is (and is not!). The system has auto learning features based on client reports of spam and clean email and also reports confirmed spam to third party spam agencies so it is important that only valid spam is reported as such.


1. Email you have received from a valid contact which you happen not to like the content of (eg an unfavourable answer to a question you asked) IS NOT spam.

2. Email received that has been forwarded to your address via a third party email forwarding system/service SHOULD NOT be reported as spam.

3. Email from a valid contact that you have had a disagreement with and wish to cause problems for IS NOT spam and should never be reported as such.

4. Email that has been forwarded to you from a contact, client or associated company with a spam complaint attached SHOULD NOT be reported as spam even if our system detects it as such due to the attached spam complaint.

5. Bounced email, even if the body of the bounce contains spam, SHOULD NOT be reported as spam.


Email (usually of a commercial or adult nature) that is unsolicited, ie you have not subscribed or asked to be sent it. Common features of spam emails are intentional mis-spelling of words to avoid filters, strange tracking codes in the subject or body, inclusion of an image with the content text and no content within the email related to who it's from or what it's about.


Select to "Delete" the email from the quarantine instead of report as spam or clean so not to effect any auto learning. It's as simple as that!


Please be aware that although this system is very stable and problem free, it is still officially at 'in trial' status. This means that elements such as the panel design and features are subject to change without notice and support for using this panel is limited/unofficial.

If this is not satisfactory please close your browser now and use only the cPanel to administer settings until this panel is announced officially.

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